ELECTION INTEGRITY FORCE’S Executive Director Sandy Kiesel attended the Maricopa County full forensic audit site on Wednesday, June 23, 2021, to gain valuable information on Arizona’s current gold-standard comprehensive on-going audit process. 

The Arizona legislators are overseeing an independent, highly organized, totally transparent full forensic audit of their 2020 election results so that they can offer Arizona voters the indisputable facts on how their election was actually conducted and concluded.  Election Integrity Force (EIF) anxiously awaits the Arizona report findings.

“Our goal in attending the Maricopa County audit site was to understand the process used in the audit,” said EIF Executive Director Kiesel.  Dir. Kiesel continued, “It was an eye-opening experience to see so many dedicated hardworking citizens going through the tedious but tremendously important tasks involved in the counting and imaging portion of the full forensic audit.  This portion included ballot counting (simultaneously conducted by several people for reliability), the imaging of ballots with high resolution cameras, with several quality and reliability standards practiced throughout the process to ensure accuracy, transparency and traceability.”  EIF met with AZ State Senate Majority Whip Sonny Borrelli, AZ State Senator Wendy Rogers and Cyber Ninjas CEO Doug Logan.

The Election Integrity Force has a vision of uniting our citizens through transparent and trusted elections.  We, as a state and a nation, are in turmoil because the 2020 election results were not transparent, which has led to widespread mistrust and division.  Thousands of affidavits were recently delivered to our Michigan legislators requesting a full forensic audit.  This shows us that our citizens understand the value of a data-driven review of every single ballot cast in Michigan. 

A full forensic audit is needed in Michigan so that we can rely upon our 2020 election processes and make continuous improvements to our future election systems.  EIF believes that Arizona is showing us the way.  Thank you, Arizona.